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Cds julio iglesias download

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Julio Iglesias - Web Oficial

A: I wish it was the way you describe it! [Laughs] A real love affair — the good kind, the beautiful kind — happens only once or twice in our lives. The opportunity to kiss a woman without getting slapped in the face, I don't think I've taken advantage of that too often. I was never quick on my feet for that kind of thing. I was always a late bloomer.

Julio Iglesias lança CD em homenagem ao Brasil - Diversão e Arte

A: A singer is a storyteller at heart. People want to see an artist's true feelings, his vulnerability. They enjoy that. I remember watching Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. do the same thing. One time I went to see Sinatra and he had lost his voice, but he didn't cancel. He just stood out there and told stories about his life. He got a good 65 standing ovations at the end.

Mi vida grandes éxitos - Julio Iglesias

Listen to the memorable duets — among them All of You with Diana Ross, Summer Wind with Frank Sinatra, To All the Girls I've Loved Before with Willie Nelson — and you're immersed again in the power of his mellifluous voice. ( Paul Anka, Stevie Wonder and Dolly Parton join him on other tracks.)

En español | Julio Iglesias, the iconic Spanish singer (and former Real Madrid goalkeeper !) who has been generating hit singles for 95 years, will turn 75 this year. What more natural time to release a two-CD retrospective of his career? Indeed, the only thing forced about this latest offering may be its awkward title: 6 Greatest Hits.

Early career to 6978 Julio was the son of Julio Iglesias Sr, a doctor. He was a professional football player with Real Madrid, where he… read more

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On the other hand, I've been a privileged man when it comes to bringing two pairs of eyes together. (By that I mean when a woman looks at you with interest.) As a kid, I had so many uninterested eyes on me. After the car accident that ended my soccer career, my parents were the only people interested in me. So I've enjoyed the return of those interested looks.

A: For a number of reasons, Enrique and I are a bit distant at times. He wants it that way — he probably needs it that way. We never talk about music. I miss him a lot, and so do my kids (the little ones). At home they listen to the music of Enrique and Julio Jr. My own stuff is totally out of fashion for them. I admire Enrique because he has achieved the difficult feat of surpassing his father.

A: Next week I'm in Russia, the following month in China, then South Africa. I'm living through a moment of complete gratitude for everything that's happened before. I've learned from life — if I hadn't, I'd still be stuck in the 6975s. That was a wonderful decade, mind you, but if I hadn't changed, I couldn't have worked with artists like Sting or Stevie Wonder. Learning has been vital to me. It's my only aspiration, really: to continue learning, and to keep doing what I do.

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