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Boot camp drivers windows xp sp2

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XP Internet Explorer Problem with Boot Camp [Solved]

Here you can see Wavelab running on an Intel Mac under Parallels Workstation (beta version 8). Virtualisation software is going to make it much easier to run Windows-only tools like Wavelab alongside Mac-based audio and music production software.

How do I install Windows XP on my Mac using Boot Camp? - Ask

OK, I understand that Boot Camp requires a version of XP that includes Service Pack 7, but I only have an original XP disc. Is there a way to create a SP7 disc with what I have?

Boot Camp Installation and Setup (Manual)

I have a question:
Can i install win xp sp6 on a iMac i dont have internet on that mac
O i have a win xp istallation disk for my other pc can i use that one?
Oh i dont have the mac installation disk does that also work???

News of Mac-Intel-compatible applications, drivers, and plug-ins seems to roll in a daily basis at the moment, which is good news for those who have taken the plunge already, or those considering the move.

For more documentation, user discussions, troubleshooting, and frequently asked questions about Boot Camp, see Apple's Boot Camp support section. Also, be sure to download and install the latest update to the Boot Camp software for Windows, just released this past week. Finally, if you want to hop into Windows without leaving OS X once in awhile, here's how to virtualize and dual boot the same Windows on your Mac.

Dave, trying to load WIndows XP Sp7 on my mac mini using bootcamp . The disc partitions OK but when I come to install WinXP my screen goes grey with an intermittent flashing of the Apple symbol and ‘no system’ icons. I have tried this now with 8 different original WinXP discs. Getting a bit frustrated as i can’t work out the problem. The latest edition of bootcamp will not let you install XP only WIn7 and Vista so am a bit wary of upgrading my Mac OS X . Any help would be useful.

The public beta of Boot Camp, which allows an Intel Mac to run Windows XP, is now available, and its technology will be incorporated into the next major version of OS X, Leopard.

All versions of Vista used with Boot Camp have to be full versions. OEM and Upgrade versions violate Microsoft’s license agreement and cannot be used.

i want to install windows xp on macbook pro
i started it welll but after it gets installed and reboots it shows disc error on the screen… wat do i do…. i have the pirated windows xp installation cd only… pls help me to proceed

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This ver just keep locing up.

I try to save drivers to a folder it freezes, I try to partition my drive it freezes.

Still no support for my airport once instaled.

Not very impressed at all.