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Admin script editor enterprise edition

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Forever Freeware: Admin Script Editor Gets a Final Resting Place

When an External Authorization server is used with Internet Script Editor, you can only select from the list of available Call Types or Precision Queues as identified by the Authorization server.

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The modified monitor labels can display two of the following four meters (except for Precision Queue, which displays three of the following four meters):

Script Editors

Developing scripts and using them to accomplish your day-to-day tasks no longer requires switching back and forth between editor and console. Run your scripts in any integrated console with the push of a button. Any console, any platform, any time.

Skill groups are application-specific, and even though they are simultaneously created in Packaged CCE when they are created in Unified WIM or Unified EIM, do not create, modify, or delete them in Packaged CCE. You cannot enable skill groups in the applications.

The conditional operator (?) takes three operands and its syntax is as follows:

Media file name passed from Packaged CCE to the Unified CVP Service did not exist on the Media Server.

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A call type is the first-level category of a contact and is determined by data associated with the contact. You associate a script with a call type. When a contact of a certain call type is received, the associated script runs on that contact.

The InProgress meter appears in the top row of all the monitor labels for all the listed nodes, except the Queue and Precision Queue nodes. The top row of the Queue node monitor label displays the InQueue meter and the top row of the Precision Queue montor label displasys the Routed meter.

For example, if a Packaged CCE script contains Call Peripheral variable 8 with the string value CompanyName=Cisco Systems, Inc , you can access the value of CompanyName that is returned by the Packaged CCE script by using