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Activities to do in gym class

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Kids are born to run. Every toddler loves to be chased, and as they get older tag becomes a new favorite game to play. For many kids, this love of play blossoms into involvement in sports, and with each positive experience the joy of moving continues to grow.

13 gym class games that will make you miss your childhood

6. Dodgeball or any human target games are not an appropriate practice in physical education. Here is the national organization's position statement - http:///standards/guidelines/upload/Dodgeball-Is-Not.

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On the wrong end of things and want to join up with your friends? Better be quick and use momentum. Red Rover asks players to run across and break the linked-hands of opposing players. Better not be the last runner on one team, though. If you’re not strong enough and can’t break the chain, your team could lose!

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Bozena taught physical education at Crown Point Elementary in Matthews, North Carolina for twelve and a half years and now teaches at Hemby Bridge Elementary in Union County. She uses her background experience to design a physical education class that makes the best use of time.

I like to make jokes about being picked last in PE class — it’s even in my bio — but it’s a joke with a ring of truth. Sadly, my feeling of being bad at sports and dreading physical activities started there. It’s only as I got older that I came to understand the value of being active and made it an important part of my life, and consequently, to encourage it in my daughter, who, I’m happy to say, is not repeating the cycle.

So next time your child plays crab soccer, parachute games like sharks and minnows, or anything unorthodox, appreciate these rare, ridiculous departures from an otherwise regimented life.

Seriously. There were benefits to all that gym time. A study by Cornell University found that time spent in gym class could knock down a kid’s likelihood of being obese. And being more fit overall can improve grades and educational success, too.

After students have been introduced to the warm-up segment, they are assigned to a space where they sit to receive their opening instructions and carry out closing procedures during every PE class. Bozena fashions four lines in front of her bulletin board wall. Eight students are assigned to positions on each line. She uses two-inch floor tape to mark out the lines and a permanent marker to number the positions. The numbers assigned to students correspond with their number on the class roster, which is in alphabetical order. “I have a grade book with a roster for each class, so one glance at the empty number on the line allows me to determine who is absent that day. I also see who is not wearing appropriate attire and record it.”

If anyone reads this article, please don't accept it as quality physical education and start playing these games with your students in your class. Take a stand and consult the vast array of quality resources out there - or the PE Digital Library: http:///products/all-products/physical-education-di. or any of the current best practice models out there and please, please put these antiquated running and dodgeball activities to rest.