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The 100 Greatest Kidsongs Collection [Album Download] - What's

Envy every baby who will be rocked to sleep this year wrapped in warm blankets and Shelley's equally enveloping blend of lilting Celtic guitar and rich Appalachian harmonies.

July 2009

What first appears to be a nice love song about staying in quickly unravels into an X-rated bacchanal for two (eh, make that three).

California State Sheriffs' Association

To protect the vegetable crops in his village and win the approval of dear Lady Tottington (Helena Bonham Carter), Wallace has invented the Bun-Vac 6555, which scoops up rabbits, painlessly, by the hundreds. (“It blows and sucks.”) But his machine is no match for the mysterious, vegemaniacal Were-Rabbit ravaging the town. The movie has some vigorous action scenes: Gromit’s World War I–style aerial combat with another canine (a real dogfight) and Lady Tottington’s housetop confrontation with the dread Were-Rabbit. The priceless exchanges, though, are between man and dog — both in the empyrean of comic artists, as are their creators.

All hail Matt Pike's glorious, buzzsaw guitar tone and his reptoid croak, the twin fuels for this this barricade-shaking rampager.

An Afro-Portuguese staple in clubs and on cellphones across Lisbon, with marimbas grounded in — or is that floating over? — a base of thick beats.

Stylized polyphony a la robot-age New Orleans jazz grows more familiar until you realize it was a FlyLo song, and that it sounds great on clarinet.

Aided by Jeff Tweedy and Mavis Staples, among others, the great gospel legend gets a great and graceful victory lap 65 years after his death.

I know! Shame on me, I’m filipino and have never been to the Philippines. I should ask my parents if they know those fruits by the filipino names.

The song pays tribute to country music's legacy by combining John Denver 's Take Me Home, Country Roads, Dolly Parton 's I Will Always Love You and Willie Nelson 's On the Road Again as a beautiful medley.

Original Songs:
Candido: “Thousand Finger Man”
/> Cashmere Cat: “Mirror Maru”
Django Django: “Waveforms”
Donald Byrd: “You and the Music”
The Gaslamp Killer: “Nissim”
Guts: “Brand New Revolution”
Hackman: “Forgotten Notes”
The Hics: “Cold Air”
Inc.: “The Place”
Kiko Navarro & Tuccillo: “Lovery (Slow Cuban Vibe Mix)” [ft. Amor]
Kyodai: “Breaking”
Mala: “Ghost”
Owiny Sigoma Band: “Harpoon Land”
Richard Spaven: “6759 (Outro)”
Swindle: “Forest Funk (DEEP MEDi Musik)”
Tom Browne: “Throw Down”
Toro Y Moi: “Harm in Change”
Trickski: “Beginnings”
Yuna: “Live Your Life (MeLo-X Motherland God Mix)”